Poverty, and me.

It’s been sixteen years, since Mike Harris unconstitutional act, of plunging disabled lone Mom’s into below poverty standard, happened. Thousands, of disabled Mom’s.. have since, committed suicide.. leaving poor children, Motherless.

Sixteen years later, we see the deepest, darkest, most deprived poverty-pool, of the most vulnerable group in Ontario: disabled women, Mom’s.. and their children. Each header below, is linked to it’s subsequent story. dd

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Oh No! Not Again!

A mere five weeks, post craniotomy operation, for brain tumor resection, i get hit with a kidney attack, on Wednesday, Jan. 2nd. Had to call an ambulance to Hospital. Ultrasound, and then a Catscan, reveal an infected kidney, blocked by a big stone. I”m told it’s serious, and i need emergency kidney surgery.

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How Ontario’s Mike Harris,1995 Created A Disabled Lone Women Poverty Pool.

I wrote the article below, in 2006 i think? Truth be known that today, 2013: lone, disabled Mothers, victimized and left affected in 1995 - current, by the Mike Harris “Common Sense Social Services Revolution” live close to minus fifty-five percent(-55%) below poverty

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Imagine this… Can you?

I wrote the article below, many years ago! Found it in my archives.. not much has changed.. except being poorer, older.. and i’ll be paying $785 a month rent next month; but.. on Ontario, Disability; will be given only $474 a month for rent, heat and hydro! Considering i’m having brain surgery… imagine this… can you? Thre is not enough geared to income housing, for lone disabled women, living minus thirty percent below poverty, in Ontario, Canada! This, is Malignant Politics.

Unedited version, so watch out for all the litter!

Imagine this… can you?

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