Gas plants scandal fires back up in final week before Ontario election … — MORE CUTS TO DISABLED MEAN DEATHS #ONpoli
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one hand vacumning didn’t work

trying to vacumn a futon with one good hand, is just self-torture, really. lesson learned, i got burned. no, literally burned.. a pinched nerve here, a numb hand there, 1, little 2, little 3 little fingers numbed, i’m not complaining really, just sharing what i face every day of my life, not even mentioning all the other ills, pains, and poverty-related anguishing. not today. today, is already too hard. Chronic illness’s, chronic pain, chronic poverty. Only one of these can be cured, and for some perverse reason unknown to the world, those able to end/cure poverty, refuse. I remain therefore.. victim, to the death, from corrupt politics. An innocent.. 

from afar,


when life retires you

It’s hard not to think of my mortality, all things considered. I’m amazed at myself for surviving a right parietal meningioma craniotomy, a blocked kidney operation, and removal of a fist sized, 4.3 inch tumor from my side, just last month.. all since Nov. 2012.

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