In the long ago, when first we had met; when words of silence, fell between, in twilight. As misty, morning thoughts.. inspire. As the smell of roses, seeped through windows unlocked, always; the man is somewhere. Even in thought, his words are cool, and soothing. Anonymous he’ll be around me.. yet he clings to me, as a flower to the vine.. my faithful one, my rock.

Art, Poem by: DDSonnenburg(dd)

Society’s Child

Self Portrait by: @ddsnorth Poem by: ddsonnenburg

I saw a child, today..
crying, from hunger and pain.
She lay there curled up like a ball, 
oblivious i was there at all.
I watched her tears, as they’d swell;
from haunting eyes, then they fell.
I wanted to reach out, to embrace;
and offer, to take her place.
What happened next suddenly, is;
she stopped, when she noticed me..
then, she wiped a tear from her eye,
lifted her hand, and said: “Hi”..
then, she asked if i’d like to stay,
and she would split her rice,
two ways!
D.D.S/North (8-15-2000)

Please excuse grammar errors, punctuation errors, literacy errors. I am just writing my thoughts, and i do love to rhyme..

from afar,