New month, same $336.00 a month, rent deficit

I’m 57, and on a Disability, which gives me a mere $479.00 a month for shelter = rent, heat, hydro.

Can you find an apartment to live in, for that amount? Me neither.

i get $479 for shelter, but without income housing, this past 18 months, i’ve been paying $804 a month. This comes out of food, clothes, transportation, laundry, personal care costs.

i’m so tired living this way. i’ve survived age, brain tumor craniotomy, 2 other major operations in 15 months time… but this poverty stress is killing me. i feel so traumatized by it, i get chest pains. Last week i had either a mini-stroke, or seizure. i simply closed my eyes.. i couldn’t fight it. i woke up the next morning, and felt rough all day. i dont’ go to hospital. nothing they can do. the stress is going to kill me….this is mental, emotional, physical… intolerable cruelty.  i’m so tired of living this way. i don’t even have a friend to talk to…

from afar,